Steam HX        


The ultimate Industrial Steam Property calculator available for the iPhone & iPod touch.


Steam HX lets you easily calculate all the thermodynamic properties of water quickly & accurately.

Use Steam HX for engineering field calculations, to help you learn to read Steam Tables, or to practice for the engineering FE/PE exams.


1.  SI (Metric) and IP (English) unit systems supported.  Toggle between SI and IP calculations without loosing results.

2.  Input properties (8 independent interfaces)

    • Saturated Pressure

    • Saturated Temperature

    • Pressure & Temperature

    • Pressure & Specific Entropy

    • Pressure & Specific Enthalpy

    • Pressure & Specific Volume

    • Pressure & Quality

    • Temperature & Quality

3.  Calculated properties:

    • Specific Volume

    • Specific Internal Energy

    • Specific Enthalpy

    • Specific Entropy

    • Quality

    • Temperature

    • Pressure

    • Saturation properties

4. Compressed / Subcooled, Saturated, & Superheated regions are identified after calculations.

5.  Multiple pressure & temperature SI units options: bar, MPa, kPa, C, and K. IP uses psi and F.

6.  Fun animated flip views let you switch between SI and IP unit systems. Perform & display calculations in SI & IP units almost simultaneously.

7. Thermodynamic region-5 correlations valid up to 500 bars (7,251 psi) and 2,273 K (3,631 F.) High pressure and temperature capabilities are essential for modern Turbomachinery analysis.

8. Latest mathematical correlations for steam regions 1 through 5 based on IAPWS-IF97 (with 2007 update) adopted standards.

9.  In-program user’s guide and simple user interface.

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