The best professional Psychrometric calculator for the iPhone & iPod touch.


PsychroAir lets you easily calculate all the thermodynamic properties of moist air quickly and more accurately than using psychrometric charts.

Use PsychroAir for engineering field calculations or to help you learn to read psychrometric charts.  PsychroAir is an excellent practice tool for the engineering FE and PE exam’s moist air problems.

1. SI (Metric) and IP (English) unit systems supported. Easily toggle between SI and IP.

2. Input properties - Dry-bulb temperature, pressure, and one of the following **FOUR** properties:

• Humidity Ratio
• Relative Humidity
• Wet-bulb Temperature
• Dew-point Temperature

3. Additional input properties - enthalpy & humidity ratio.

4. Output properties:

• Specific Enthalpy
• Humidity Ratio
• Relative Humidity
• Specific Volume
• Dry-bulb Temperature
• Wet-bulb Temperature
• Dew-point Temperature
• Mass and volumetric flow rate (adiabatic mixing option)

5. Calculate adiabatic mixing of two moist air streams using mass or volumetric flowrate in IP and SI units.

6. Flow rate input/out units:

• Mass : kg/s, kg/m, kg/h, lbm/s, lbm/m, lbm/h.
• Volumetric : m3/s, m3/m, m3/h, CFS, CFM, CFH.

7. Humidity ratio IP units: Grains/lbm and lbm/lbm.

8. Capable of performing calculations at high and low temperature ranges.

9. Automatic check for the validity range of the entered and calculated values.

10. Pressure versus altitude relationship tables in SI and IP units.

11. Six individual input interfaces: Four options for Relative Humidity, Wet-bulb Temperature, Dew point Temperature and Humidity Ratio input properties. A fifth option for enthalpy & humidity ratio. A sixth option for adiabatic mixing of two moist air streams.

12. Fun animated flip views let you switch between SI and IP unit systems for each of the interfaces.

13. A user's guide is provided within the in-program help.

14. Simple & intuitive user interface.

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